Counterfeit City Is the specific manufacturer of true and original passports. We cope with all of your administrative procedures as we’ve a partnership with most countries in the World and consequently, with the government authorities. 

Your passport is made and produced by means of the legitimate Government authorities within the issuing us of a of the produced passport and can be registered on the database system and may be confirmed. Counterfeit City provide a fast, much less highly-priced and green carrier.

So one can allow you to catch up with time and costs. You Shall be capable of use our passports to journey anywhere you are eligible to go to and also you will be able to search for jobs and practice for visas into any embassy. 

We work with a crew of expert legal professionals that facilitate the system of obtention of your passports, with the desired data, they’re able to touch the right administrative government and assist trouble your passport in due time.

At Counterfeit City Our passports are authentic passports with the equal protection features such as; holograms, barcodes, security strip, watermark, microprint, pen check, UV TEST.

Having a passport with us is secure and comfy, our services are authorized by using the governments we paintings with. We also offer diplomatic passports, Blue passports and Bio-metric passports for customers in want of these type of passports.

Generally, to make your passport will take 7-14 days and also you will be in constant communique with us at some stage in this era. A service assistant shall manual you at some point of the method and will let you know the way to provide all the requirements and to finish the modalities.

A discount will be given to households in want of passports for greater than three men and women and a reduction is also given to every consumer wanting to get passports for extra than 4 humans. Your passport will be a proper passport, real and authentic issued by means of the criminal authorities of the issuing us of a. 

Hence, you shall don’t have any problems crossing borders, boarding planes and crossing security exams. You will be capable of renew your passports after the expiring date at the management of the issued passport us of a. The renewal processes are made without any headaches and we are able to be able to offer you help while want be.

Our carrier is a hundred% assure and secure, we’ve years of experience inside the manufacturing of original passports and with a portfolio of over one million passports made for the beyond 15 years. Feel loose to order for your passports with Counterfeit City.

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